Truckers falling behind on taxes?

Why do so many truckers fall behind on taxes? Ok with all the regulations and complexities of running your own rig, sometimes record-keeping takes a back seat. You intend to get it current but other things have taken a priority. And, you haven’t kept up with the taxman. I mean the taxman hasn’t been calling […]

Why you should file back taxes

Taxpayers leave $1.4B on the table. If you paid a reasonable tax during the year, you may be losing money by not filing. Not to mention eventually the IRS will come knocking. What many taxpayers don’t consider are refundable tax credits that put money in your pocket. Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe! […]

IRS Debt and Bankruptcy

As a former attorney and IRS Enrolled Agent I see a lot of mistakes made when taxpayers file bankruptcy to eliminate tax debt. I have also seen a lot of attorneys make matters worse. The first thing you need to understand is in order to discharge IRS debt the date the return was due must […]

Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment

IRS put a levy on my bank account Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe! The IRS has levied my bank account and there were not enough funds to cover the total levy. Will the IRS levy all future deposits until it is satisfied or can I continue to deposit and pay […]

The Three Most Common and Urgent IRS Letters

The Internal Revenue Service communicates in two ways: in person via Revenue Officers, or through the mail. They will rarely ever call your phone.  IRS notifications can be a challenge to understand; but three stand out. They are-Notice of Deficiency, Final Notice of Intent to Levy, and a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Assessment. These are […]

What to Expect from an IRS Revenue Officer

Getting a visit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is something that can put a damper on your day. IRS revenue officers only visit when the responsible party is behind on their tax payments, so chances are, you are having financial difficulty, or someone is complacent in their duties. Here’s what to expect.  Thank you […]

What are Payroll Taxes?

Tax Relief Advisers specializes in Payroll tax issues. We are experts at working with small business and Payroll tax problems. What happens if you don’t pay your Payroll taxes?  Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe! What are Payroll Taxes? Payroll Tax has two components: contributions withheld from your employees’ wage, and […]

Can I Go to Jail For Not Paying Payroll Tax?

At Tax Relief Advisers, we understand. It’s easy to fall behind on payroll taxes and use the funds for other purposes. As hard as it is, staying up-to-date on payroll tax reporting and payments is essentially. The consequences are not worth the risk. The Internal Revenue Service has systems in place to help you get back on […]

We are Tax Relief Advisers

Who are we? We are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enrolled agents; we are former IRS revenue officers; we are certified public accountants (CPAs); : we are Tax Relief Advisers and we are here to help you.  Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe! We know better than anyone  the phrase “IRS Revenue Officer” comes […]