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Dealing with the IRS on your own is rarely a good idea. Would you act as your own attorney?

A good tax settlement firm should save you money, time, frustration and stress while providing you a plan for tax debt relief. We have been here since 2005 with zero unresolved complaints!

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Documented Offer in Compromise Case Settlements

Owed 48,496

Settled for $1,884

Chris M.

Owed $14,803

Settled for $900

David B.

Owed $159,525

Settled for $1,100

Mike M.

Owed $214,698

Settled for $400

Gerald J.
Submitted Twice

Owed $21,803

Settled for $100

Ron R.

Owed $20,557

Settled for $4,214

Antoine W.

Owed $59,680

Settled for $100

Mark J.

Owed $458,800

Settled for $6,697

Roderick B.
Submitted Twice

Owed $109,594

Settled $625

Veronica J.

Owed $45,896

Settled $1104

Ursul N.

Owed $14,900

Settled $1800

Aram M.

Owed $40,673

Settled $1932

Alexander K.

Owed $46,769

Settled $200

Michelle V.

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The Taxpayer Bill of rights was adopted by the IRS in 2014. The Bill of Rights includes 10 basic rights that apply to all taxpayers. Click to get a FREE copy.

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