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Lance Herndon, J.D.
IRS Enrolled Agent

Managing Member-Tax Relief Advisers

30 years of experience - Law, Finance, Accounting, Tax resolution, Business Consulting

I started my career over 30 years ago as an attorney. I didn’t like the idea of arguing over every detail and dragging matters out at the expense of the client, so in 1995 I moved into finance and accounting. I like the idea of taking the course of least resistance to resolve problems. That is not what the legal system is about.

Since 2013 I have worked exclusively in tax resolution and settlement with extensive coursework in tax, accounting, finance, business, and IRS settlement/negotiation. I have consulted and advised over 3000+ clients and personally conducted over 5000 tax consulting interviews.

Extensively trained in tax resolution and IRS code, Lance possesses exceptional analytic skills and case analysis techniques enabling him to provide tax settlement strategies not typically identified. He is a expert in the field and it shows in reviews and results.

During the Great Recession, Lance worked on a US Treasury Department program helping homeowners stay in their homes. A former Teamster and IBEW member, Mr. Herndon has spent 30 years advocating for individuals against corporate, IRS, government, and special interests.

Lance manages a team of six CPA’s and Enrolled Agents providing services to all 50 states and personally conducts all intake interviews with clients.

Lance Herndon, J.D., EA

IRS Enrolled Agent

IRS Tax Settlement & Negotiation Since 2005.

Lance manages a staff of 5 accounting and settlement specialists

Clients in 42 states

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Herndon worked as a Teamster and Lineman with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

In his free time Lance is a professional musician and author. He supports and contributes to Humane Society of the United States, local food banks, and children’s charity organizations.

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