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Payroll and Employment Taxes

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Payroll and Employment taxes are the most aggressively enforced tax. There is always an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to collection of Payroll Taxes. You will also be required to submit documentation and have a hearing (we will do ALL this for you). We reduce or eliminate your tax debt and take the burden from you.

It is a common story. Business runs short of cash gets behind and uses the payroll tax money for business operations. Starts out harmless with the intention to get caught up. Often, it gets worse and can bury your business, and you personally.

I cannot emphasize enough that you need to hire a licensed professional. This is not the time to hire a firm without credentials. At Tax Relief Advisers we are all licensed with an average experience level of over 20 years! Our negotiators are ex-IRS Revenue Officers and understand how to navigate this process.

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The good news is there is always a remedy and we are very aggressive in settling tax debt.

We offer a FREE Consultation with an IRS Enrolled Agent and former Tax Attorney with 25 years’ experience, and the initial consultation is FREE. We have Power of Attorney in ALL 50 states.

Several important factors play into how we will handle your case:

Are you keeping the business open? Does the business have assets? What is the business structure, S-Corp, Partnership etc? Who are the “responsible” parties?What is your financial situation, because payroll tax debt will pass through to the owners? Ouch! But, all the remedies for individual taxpayers are available if the debt transfers to you individually.

CALL US and learn the difference Education, Experience, detail and integrity make.

Here is a good article from a former IRS Tax Attorney: Click Here

There are many lawyers who claim to be payroll tax attorneys, payroll tax lawyers and/or IRS Payroll tax attorneys. We have found most charge huge fees and don’t specialize.

We do one thing: Settle IRS and State Tax problems. And we do it well.

We are BBB “A+” since 2005 check out a few of our reviews: Click Here

Here is the great site on IRS tax law:  Click Here

You don’t need the stress of dealing with the most effective collection agency in the world, and you don’t need Revenue Officers coming to your business, or home.

If you owe back taxes for payroll CALL US. You have nothing to lose except sleep if you don’t. Put your mind at ease, and it is FREE.

Dealing with a Revenue Officer on your own is like representing yourself at trial. Have you ever heard where that worked out?

And you get advice and suggestions on how to reduce taxes going forward. We have setup hundreds of companies and tax strategy is at the core this process.

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” — Winston Churchill

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Lance Herndon, J.D., EA

Senior Case Manager
IRS Enrolled Agent

Lance has spent 25 years in law, finance, taxation, tax resolution, debtor’s rights and regulatory compliance. He is an IRS Enrolled Agent and a former attorney. Lance holds a J.D. (Law) degree from the University of Montana, a B.A. degree in Business Administration (with honors), and a Certified Managerial Accounting Accreditation. Lance has been a partner and principal in numerous businesses.

During the economic downturn Lance worked for the Department of Treasury helping debtors stay in their homes. Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years advocating for the consumer representing clients against corporate, government and special interests.

Extensively trained in tax resolution and IRS code Lance has the experience and case analysis techniques that enable him to provide tax settlement strategies often overlooked.

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