Offer in Compromise

Anytime the IRS settles a tax debt for less than what is owed it is done via an Offer-in-Compromise (“OIC”). Companies market “Fresh Start” “Pennies on the Dollar” “Settle for Less” and any number of other catchy phrases to get your attention (Fresh Start Program amended the way OIC is implemented). They also tell a lot of people they can settle for less when in fact they can’t.

Our success rate is virtually 100% with the only failures resulting in a change in the taxpayer’s situation eg. Better paying job, paid off debt, and more income.

What have we settled for? About 1.5 cents on the dollar. That’s 1.5%!

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Owed $179,026

Settled for $400

Gerald J.

Owed $14,803

Settled for $900

David B.

Owed $159,525

Settled for $1,100

Mike M.

Owed $458,800

Settled for $6,697

Roderick B.

Owed $59,680

Settled $100

Mark J.

Owed $20,557

Settled for $4,214

Antoine W.

I’m going to tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear. If I think it is something you can do on your own, I will tell you, and give you suggestion how to do it. If I am not saving you money or alleviating a problem, there is no Value for you and I am not that interested in your money.

Also, I like to educate people. I am going to over-explain everything because you need to know. Knowledge is power.


I’ll put my credentials up against anyone out there including high priced hourly tax attorneys with LLM’s. I have concentrated on tax settlement and negotiation since 2013 and our success speaks for itself.

Here is a guide from IRS that can help if you have additional questions or want to try this on your own.

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