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California Tax Relief

Our Enrolled Agents, Former IRS Revenue Officers, CPAs, and Attorneys are experts who can represent taxpayers in dealings with the IRS. They possess knowledge of tax regulations and can help taxpayers in audits, collections, and appeals.

Former IRS Revenue Officers bring extra insight into taxpayer representation, understanding the workings of the IRS. CPAs specialize in tax preparation and planning, financial statements, and business consulting.

Attorneys specializing in tax law can represent clients in tax court and offer legal advice for resolving tax issues.

All these professionals have unique skills and can help you, the taxpayer, with IRS representation.

How can we help?

We often Settle for Pennies on the Dollar

We help with:

  • IRS Tax Settlement “Offer in Compromise”
  • IRS “Fresh Start”
  • Bank Levy
  • Tax Levies & Liens
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Business Entity Structure & Guidance
  • Assistance Filing Past Returns
  • Business & Personal Taxes
  • Consulting for Owner/Operators & 1099 Truckers
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