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Lance Herndon, J.D., EA, CMA

Senior Case Manager

Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years in law, finance, tax resolution and regulatory compliance. Lance is a former attorney and an IRS Enrolled Agent. He holds a J.D. (Law) degree from the University of Montana, a B.A. degree in Business Administration (with honors), and a Certified Managerial Accounting Accreditation. He has consulted and mentored businesses and individuals for over 28 years.

During the Great Recession Lance worked on a US Treasury Department program helping homeowner’s keep their homes. Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years advocating for individuals representing clients against corporate, government and special interests.

Extensively trained in tax resolution and IRS code, Lance possess exception analytic skills and case analysis techniques enabling him to provide tax settlement strategies not typically identified.

Prior to college Mr. Herndon was a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Lance manages a staff of five accounting and settlement specialists with clients in 42 states.

In his free time Lance is a professional musician and author. He supports and contributes to Humane Society of the United States.

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