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Collecting payroll taxes is IRS Priority #1. The IRS will always assign a Revenue Officer to payroll cases and they are currently increasing the number of Revenue Officers THREE FOLD. They have also determined that sending two Revenue Officers to visit you is more effective than sending one. Do you really want two Revenue Officers showing up at your work or home?

We are attorneys and Enrolled Agents and we provide IRS payroll tax service daily. We are licensed with oversight by the IRS and/or State Bar. This is important as it gives you a legitimate method to verify who we are. We work with many Revenue Officers. We know what they need and the vast majority are dedicated professionals. We make the process easy!

It is a common story. Your business runs short of cash and you use the payroll tax money to operate the company, which puts you behind on payroll tax. Starts out harmless with the intention to get caught up. Often, it gets worse, you get further behind on payroll tax, and that can ruin your business. We can help you stay in business, offer services and create a plan for payroll tax relief, or minimize the debt if you decide to close. We can also provide business tax preparation services to reduce payroll tax burdens.

The IRS can come after you or any ‘responsible party’ personally. You cannot discharge payroll taxes in bankruptcy. The IRS can take enforcement action without notice, and they can ‘pierce’ the corporate veil without going to court. You are NOT protected just because you have a business entity.

We cannot emphasize enough the need to hire licensed professionals. If a company tells you they have attorneys on staff, ask to talk to them! Most tax resolution companies are marketing companies who hire unlicensed staff to handle your case.

We are aggressive at working resolutions. Depending on your circumstance it is possible to reduce the amount of payroll tax owed significantly, providing you with some payroll tax relief, and eliminate it completely in some cases.

We offer a Free Consultation with an IRS Enrolled Agent or Attorney. CALL US and learn the difference Education, Experience and Integrity make.

Here is a good article from a former IRS Tax Attorney: Click Here

There are many lawyers/CPA’s who claim to be experts in payroll tax resolution. Most are not! This is a LOT more than filling out forms. Many tax lawyers and CPA’s refer their cases to us.

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Here is the great site on IRS tax law:  Click Here

Dealing with the IRS on your own is like representing yourself at trial. Have you ever heard that working out?

If you are facing a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty hearing, received a Notice of Intent to Levy, or have received any of the following:

IRS Form 4280, 433B, 4180, 4183

You Need Help Now!

Responsibility for mismanagement of payroll tax trust funds may be assigned to any individual who has signature authority over the funds or is deemed a ‘responsible party’. This includes CPA’s, Payroll administrators, secretary’s, a non-active spouse, any officer, members, managers or members of the board.

A company may go out of business, but the IRS will continue to pursue all Responsible parties individually. You have options but you better hire someone who knows what they are.

We specialize in payroll tax problems and payroll tax relief.

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More information on the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Process and laws can be found here:


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Lance Herndon, J.D., EA


Senior Case Manager
IRS Enrolled Agent

Lance has spent 25 years in law, finance, IRS tax resolution, Payroll/Business tax consultation and IRS regulatory compliance. He is an IRS Enrolled Agent and a former attorney. Lance holds a J.D. (Law) degree from the University of Montana, a B.A. degree in Business Administration (with honors), and a Certified Managerial Accounting Accreditation. He has owned and operated several businesses.

During the economic downturn Lance worked for the Department of Treasury helping debtors stay in their homes. Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years advocating for the consumer representing clients against corporate, government and special interests. He focuses on business and specializes in IRS Payroll Tax Issues.

Extensively trained in IRS Tax code, Lance has the experience and case analysis techniques that enable him to provide Payroll Tax strategies often overlooked. He consults for small business and has a high level of understand regarding business entity and structure. He offers this service to all his clients.

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