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What is a Bank Levy?

A Bank Levy is when the IRS freezes the money in your bank or financial account. It attaches to the money in the account at that moment. The money is ‘frozen’, usually for 21 days and then released to the IRS. Once the money is released to the IRS it is very difficult to recover.

A Bank Levy is used when a delinquent taxpayer ignores notices to pay past due taxes. Once the IRS sends a ‘notice of intent to levy’ the next move is a bank levy, or wage garnishment. You have 30-days to file an appeal to the final notice. A Bank Levy is an extreme action to get your attention. And it works. Releasing a bank levy can be accomplished a few different ways.

When can a Bank Levy occur?
The short answer is when you get an LT11 or L1058 Notice of Intent to Levy. If an appeal is filed, the IRS cannot levy until the appeal is resolved. There is a similar form, the CP504 that also threatens Notice of Intent to Levy. However, the IRS cannot Levy you with the CP504 form. Are you confused yet? Here is the simple answer: The IRS cannot Levy you until they give you a notice of appeal rights. The LT11 or L1058 is the only notice that does that.

Items that can be levied include wages, commissions, bank accounts, and perso

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Lance Herndon, J.D., CMA

Senior Case Manager-Intake Specialist

Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years in law, finance, taxation, tax resolution, debtor’s rights and regulatory compliance. Lance is a former attorney and member of numerous tax related organizations. He holds a J.D. (Law) degree from the University of Montana, a B.A. degree in Business Administration (with honors), and a Certified Managerial Accounting Accredidation. Lance has been a partner and principal in several companies. This skill set allows him to advise business clients on tax settlement and tax avoidance methodologies.

During the economic downturn, Lance worked on a Department of the Treasury program helping debtors retain their homes. Mr. Herndon has spent 25 years advocating for the consumer representing clients against corporate, government and special interests.

Extensively trained in tax resolution and IRS code, Lance possesses exception analytic skills and case analysis techniques that enable him to provide tax settlment strategies not typically identified.

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